Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the house, it's where we cook food which is what makes life worth living, sooo it's pretty important. Kitchens generates a lot of waste and many of the things we do we don't even realise have an impact on the planet. This post goes over some super small changes we can make towards an eco friendly kitchen; hope you enjoy!

5 Easy Changes

1: Washing up tools

It's time for a new age of washing up by replacing your plastic washing up brush and sponges; many of which contain non biodegradable plastic (without even mentioning the packaging) and will need to be thrown out in a matter of weeks. Whether you prefer a dish brush or a sponge there's a replacement for each. You can now purchase wooden dish brushes with replaceable heads. This reduces waste and saves money as you only need to buy the handle once - try out Reddecker. Loofahs are also a great alternative to sponges, made of naturally grown vine which is scratchy to begin with but becomes soft when wet - check out LoofCo. They can last up to 3 months if cared for. Time to make the switch!

2: Stop washing those dishes

You might think that hand washing would be more eco friendly than using the dishwasher, however new dishwashers use around 3 gallons of water compared to a whopping 27 in the average hand wash. Not to mention they are continually becoming more energy efficient. A recent study revealed that by switching to dishwashing alone you could save nearly 10 days a year of time; that's a lot of extra time for binging if you ask me.

So, if you always make sure you have a full load and just scrape your dishes instead of hand washing them, you're doing your bit to save the planet... sounds good to me!

3: Cleaning products

The kitchen is where we do all the cooking and the eating, so obviously we are always trying to make sure it is as sanitary as possible (especially with a certain virus hanging around) but this doesn't have to have an impact on the planet. By using natural cleaning products, we can prevent chemicals from entering the waterways and damaging the environment. These products are a lot safer for us too as these chemicals can be harmful if ingested or even touched which is ridiculous since we are spraying our kitchen counters with them! Check out some natural and effective brands below;

https://methodproducts.co.uk/ https://www.ecover.com/

4: Grow your own

Growing your own food can be so rewarding and surprisingly easy. Don't worry you don't have to start digging up your garden for an allotment or anything crazy, even growing some herbs in pots at home can be a great addition to your kitchen and a handy way to spice up your cooking. It can help reduce plastic waste from supermarket bought herbs and also looks really cute.

5: Composting

Making a compost pile can be a great way to dispose of any food waste you might have and turn it in nutrient rich soil. You can use this to grow more of your own food or help your herb garden flourish. Bringing your garden to life can also support bee populations who need our support more than ever!🐝

Hope you enjoyed this post and these tips help you on your journey to your most eco friendly self!

As always thanks for reading,

Antonia :)

P.S stay safe and wash your hands just like this little guy

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