Cheers to 2020, the year we felt the brink of WW3 and small talk turned from being about the weather to causal chats about the global pandemic. Day to day life seems the same but looking back on 2020 and over a year of writing Greener Grasses, I've made a lot of changes. Although it had some highlights, I know I'm not alone in being glad to leave 2020 behind and this post is dedicated to everything I've left with it!

The Burn Book of 2020

Animal Tested Cosmetics

Boycotting makeup and skincare companies that test on animals was the earliest and easiest change in 2020. It's so simple to find out whether a company tests on animals, literally googling "Is Glossier cruelty free?" for example, gives you an immediate response; in this case, yes! My obsession with glossier (if you haven't already noticed) has grown over the past year and it now makes up the majority of my makeup products. My skincare routine also needed a change around and I replaced my usual go to Nivea with Witch and UpCircle! These brands are a big part of the reason that saying no to cruelty free products has been so easy for me, but there are so many options out there. More and more companies are putting animal testing behind them, so there is no better time to stand against it!

Single-use Period Products (and periods all together)

If you ever got the chance to read my (maybe too) honest review of using a menstrual cup, then you'll know that I gave up single use period products in mid 2020. Since then, I have had a marina coil implanted, which stops your periods all together and is also one of the most effective forms of contraception; so now I don't need to use any period products what so ever! One benefit of the coil is that you don't have to remember to take a pill everyday, which requires more packaging and production than the coil, that works for up to 5 years and is just a one time application. Of course, you should never choose your contraception method (and there are a lot out there) purely from an environmental perspective, I certainly didn't. However, if you are stuck between options it might be worth taking into consideration. 2021 will be a zero waste year for me in this department!

Fast Fashion (mostly...)

Fast fashion is becoming an increasingly discussed topic globally after the rise of brand such as Pretty Little Things and Miss Guided which promote and enable cheap, wear it once items. I am proud to say throughout 2020, I didn't order anything from any of these online mega-brands. One misconception though is that these companies are the only issue, highstreet stores such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters, H&M also play a role. I hold my hands up, I may have occasionally dabbled in these shops in 2020, so I can't claim that I truly gave up fast fashion. However, I am actively trying to end this behaviour. Depop has become my saviour packed full of second hand steals, not to mention amazing brands such as Lucy&Yak and TALA, a sustainable activewear company (even the tag can be planted to grow flowers... wtf!). It's been harder to use charity shops this year with Covid, but I have still managed to find some pre-loved gems, hopefully 2021 will welcome them back in full force!

Bad Bathroom Habits

In hindsight, this heading is a little weird but we are rolling with it because yes, 2020 was a year I switched out all my bad bathroom habits. Bamboo Toothbrush? Hello. Soap bars? Of course. Natural shampoo? Yes!!! I've said goodbye to plastic loofahs and bottles but the biggest change came from the toothpaste I used. I wrote a post not long ago on what it was like to use toothpaste tablets and I have continued using them since but it's such a big change and one people are a little sceptical about, so I decided to try something different! Ecodenta provide natural, vegan and cruelty free oral care and I have been trying out and loving their whitening toothpaste. Although it comes in a plastic tube still, it's a step you can take towards a more natural bathroom routine without making the jump to tablets.

Being quiet!

I've lost count of the amount of times someone has said something along the lines of "You like, care about the planet then? That's cute"... erm thanks? I often didn't like talking about it much so that I didn't come across a certain way, even when I was writing this blog, which is so silly looking back! Talking to people about environmental issues, products and brands you've been loving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a difference! A lot of my friends have started using products I have talked to them about as well as showing me stuff too, which makes it so much simpler to find quality, eco-friendly goods. It's not something to be ashamed of or a competition, we all live here and we are all in it together!! :)

It might be a little late but Happy New Year!! Hopefully 2021 will have a better ending than it's beginning and we can finally put lockdowns behind us for good. 2020 may have been a bit of a struggle but one thing we can say is that it made us appreciate all the stuff we took for granted <3

As always, thanks for reading!

Antonia :)

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