With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, it can be easy to get down and feel a little lost. It's important to stay positive, look forward to the future and be grateful for the wonderful world we live in. Thats why I think it's time to look over some of the positive things happening in the environment recently that prove that when we do change we can make a big difference and that it is already happening all over the world! I hope it helps to lift your spirits :)

Happy News

Trees Trees Trees!

Many countries are setting targets for reforestation by pledging to plant millions of trees. Some examples include Canada who has set aside $3 billion on land and water conservation including plans to plant 2 billion trees in the next 10 years. India also planted 220 million trees in one day, as residents planted samplings along railways, roads and forests to increase their coverage and contribute to the climate crisis.

Bouncing Back

Many vulnerable species are reaping the benefits of conversation all over the word as their populations begin to bounce back: ❀ Tiger populations in India are up by 33% from 2014 with almost 3 thousand now roaming around. Hopefully the number will keep rising! (2019)

❀ Humpback whales in the South Atlantic are bouncing back after being hunted to near extinction. There friendly nature was abused but after bans were placed they have recovered to 93% of their original population, woo!

❀ The grey wolf found in the USA had only 300 wolves remaining in 1965, after the endangered species act was passes they were able to bounce back and now there are now over 6000 many of which are found in Yellow Stone National Park.

❀ The California Condor has bounced back from near extinction. In 1980 only 24 birds remained in the wild so conversationist began captive breading. Now around 300 live in the wild, rising to 500 when captive birds are included. A very positive and welcome rise! These are only a few examples but there are so many more out there, as well as new conservation projects that are starting all the time. This proves that we can make a difference and even better, we are!

Electric Travel - Lightyear One

The Dutch company Lightyear have created a breakthrough with the first ever long range electric vehicle; named Lightyear One. The car is constantly being charged by the sun using solar power technology allowing it to travel up to 725 kilometres (around 450 miles) and is set to be released in 2021. 12% emissions are caused by cars, so revelations like these don't go unnoticed... even if it is a little crazy looking.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the fastest growing market as countries attempt to meet the Paris Agreement goals and reduce world emissions. In 2019, electricity from solar panels rose by 22% making it the fasted growing renewable energy source, but hydropower still remains the most popular. Although 65% of the worlds energy is still provided by non renewables this rise is painting a pretty picture of the future. Costa Rica runs on 98% renewable energy, and has been since 2016 which is amazing; hopefully one day this will be the norm.

Soap bars popularity rises

In a time where we are relentlessly washing our hands it may be a comfort to hear that the handy bar of soap is on the rise. After being kicked to the sidelines by its plastic covered replacements, people are now opting for plastic free alternatives as thus it's becoming popular once more. A recent study revealed that 49% of soap users say they avoid products that are harmful to the environment, rising from 43% the year before (2018--2019) and we hope that the figure will keep rising!

Ban on single use plastic

The EU has banned the use of all single use plastic aiming for it to be fully in place by 2021, so make sure you have your metal straw ready by then! Aiming to reduce the amount of marine litter, the initiative should help to protect our ocean inhabitants from the dangers of single use plastic pollution.

Protected Areas

In an attempt to protect the worlds most vulnerable species many new protected areas have been created. Canada has created an Arctic conservation zone almost as big as Germany which strives to protect the sea birds, whales and polar bears that live there. The Netherlands have also built 5 artificial islands to preserve wildlife by introducing over 30,000 and 127 different kind of plants!

Climate Striking

Awareness for environmental issues is growing with over 4 million people worldwide joining in on Greta's Friday for Future strikes to unite agains't climate change. Voicing these opinions urges governments to change policies to better protect our planet but also persuades people to do their bit for the world we live in as well!

Changes in the Classroom

Italy has implemented a new teaching strategy where 33 hours are set aside each year for mandatory climate and sustainability lessons. These will be taught to ensure that young people are aware of environmental issues our world is facing including learning the UN Sustainable Development Goals, encouraging student climate action and much more! They are the first country to do so and hopefully many will follow.

Ireland and Norway make history

Ireland has made history by becoming the first country to withdraw public investment in fossil fuels. It means they will have to sell off around €300m in investments across 150 companies engaged in coal, oil, gas and peat. Norway has also promised to sell of many of their investments but not a complete withdrawal but this isn't the only way they've been noticed. Norway has become the first country to ban deforestation and will no longer award government contracts to companies that do so. Hopefully we will see more and more of these kind of firsts in the next few years!


The fight is most definitely not over and we must continue to strive for change if we are going to be able to reduce the impact we have on the planet. However, sometimes it's important to step back and admire the things we have achieved as it motivates us to continue. I hope this post has given you some hope and put a smile on your face! In times like these, we need a lil positivity🐝

As always, thanks for reading!

Antonia :)

P.S. Stay safe and stay inside! (even if it is boring)

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