It's an extremely difficult time for businesses across the globe as we all stay at home to save lives. Local and small businesses are working hard to make sure they are open when all of this is over, but why are they so important? Local businesses are vital for the environment, helping to reduce food miles and mass production methods. When we buy their produce we know where our food/products are coming from and help to create jobs in our local areas. It's important now more than ever to make sure we continue to support these businesses and this posts goes over what you can do to help.

What can you do to help?

Buy vouchers

Buying vouchers is a great way to support local businesses right now, so if there is anything you are looking forward to doing and you can afford it, you can really make a difference. Also, they are a great idea for a present for friends and family who have their birthday during quarantine (not fun) as it gives them something to look forward to when this is all over.

Look out for food delivery

A lot of catering companies are working hard to be flexible during this time and have set up delivery/pick up services. I for one have really been missing stopping in a cafe at the end of my walks but now I can have my sweet treats delivered for after my daily exercise. I mean do I need to tell you twice to get that takeaway you've been thinking about all week? Save yourself a hour queue outside the supermarket and give in. Plus there isn't any guilt because you are supporting your local businesses!

Buying online

Buying online is another great way to support local businesses, one example is that a lot of garden centres are struggling as they have been forced to close. This have left them with hundreds of plants going to waste without making our gardens bright and beautiful. My local garden centre has started to do deliveries to prevent this from happening so look out for this is your local area. It's not only garden centres, hairdressers, nail technicians, local breweries and so many more will be offering all sorts of goods and services, so make sure to keep your eyes open!

Schedule in now for later

A haircut is going to be long overdue by the time that quarantine is over, so why not book in now for what you know you will need later? A lot of local business are making lists to make sure you get in straight away when the world gets up and running and the mad rush starts, as well as helping them to stay afloat.


A tip on top of your delivery/order can help to pull these businesses through. It's a crazy time to be a delivery driver or in the catering industry and now more than ever a tip will mean the world! Its a hard time for everyone but if you can afford it, you can make someones day.

Social Media

Money isn't the only way to help these businesses stay open, it can be as simple as shouting them out on Instagram or sharing a post on Facebook. Help spread the word and then more and more people can find out how support them!

Be kind

Now more than ever it's important to look out for those around us and be supportive. We will get out the other side of this and we need to make sure all our local businesses are there with us too! Why not send a thank you note or an email to let them know you are thinking of them, because kindness can go a really long way, especially in times as stressful as these 💌

Businesses in my local area

If you do live near me and are wondering about all the businesses I'm banging on about, heres a list of some to check out in and around Stokesley area:

❀ Whitegates Nursery and Garden Centre - delivery info at ❀ Three Brothers Brewing Company - beer delivery form at

❀ The Rusty Bike - delivery of everything from bread and eggs to cakes and scones at

I know I will have missed so many out so please get in contact if there are any I should add!


I hope that you have found this post useful and have enjoyed reading! Our local businesses are so important and we need to make sure they continue to thrive, so even if you can only do even one of these steps it will make such a huge difference.

Remember to keep busy, healthy and happy during quarantine, its such a tough time for everyone and I'm sure I am not the only one going a little crazy (and annoying the hell out of my family). I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe. We will get through this 💪

As always, thanks for reading!

Antonia :)

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