Don't get all shy on me now, loving the earth comes into all parts of your life and that includes the bedroom! It's time we talk more about the 'awkward' stuff, because there are some easy swaps waiting to happen outside just the kitchen. In this post I'll talk about some amazing brands creating eco-friendly alternatives for everything from intimate skincare to condoms!

All things sexy

When I think about sustainable sex products my mind goes to Bridget Jones, forget the ice cream and singing 'All By Myself', this the truly iconic moment,

Shazzer : Oh, God! You didn't use those? The vegan condoms? Bridget : "Biodegradable and dolphin-friendly." If I'm going to be slutty, it's nice to think I'm helping the environment.

But don't worry, sustainable and vegan products are just as effective as the basic ones, so you can be slutty and help the environment relatively care free! Lets get stuck in...

Hanx - Condoms, Lube, Sexual Health

Hanx is a sexual wellness company that promotes sustainability and responsibility. They provide vegan and cruelty free condoms, lube and treatments for a range of vaginal infections. All of their condoms are made from latex sourced from Fair Rubber, which is produced in safe conditions, with fair wages, using natural rubber. Their lube is made from just 7 natural ingredients and safe for, well, everything! You can buy them as one offs, or sign up for subscriptions to save some dollar. Also the packaging will make you want to share it on Instagram, and you should!

One of the best things about Hanx, and to be honest this is a common theme with all of the brands I'll talk about in this post, is that it aims to take the shame away from buying sexual health products and provides information to those who need it on a wide variety of sexual topics. Hanx's blog, Naked Truths, provides a safe space for a range of topics - Female Health, Relationships, Hot Topics, Sexual Wellness, Pleasure - so go and check it out if you are feeling curious.

Sustain - Condoms, Lube, Skincare, Period Products

Sustain is the second company on the list and provides pretty much all of your sexual health needs. Sustain's condom are fair-trade, vegan and free of nasty chemicals like nitrosamine and their natural lube is water based and organic. Sustain also provides skincare in the form of lip and body balm, body wash and massage oil, which is all organic too! To top it off, they have a range of sustainable period products, meaning you can get everything you might need all from one convenient, happy planet place. For every purchase you make, Sustain donates 1% to their 1%4Women fund, which helps support women's health organisations throughout the US.

Made By Sunday - Intimate Care

If you shave your intimate areas, you'll know it requires a little more skill than say, the legs. We don't all have time to do it perfectly, and often we rush the process. Bumps and irritation are super hard to avoid, but luckily for you, I have found a marvellous solution. MadebySUNDAY provides vegan, sustainable skincare products. They've got all your basics, spot cream, cleansers, moisturiser, you know it, but they also have a little duo that you must try. MadebySUNDAY's 'bare all' set is a combination of their 'all about the fur' intimate balm, a moisturiser specially for your intimate section, and 'gold digger', an easy on the eyes ingrown hair treatment. It super light, dries instantly and works so. damn. well! If you love keeping it pretty down there, this iconic due is your new bestie.

'bare all' set

This is the first intimate skincare product I've tried and I 100% recommend, but of course there are tonnes of alternatives out there. Using these products is so much safer for you than your basic moisturiser which often contain fragrances and chemicals, but remember these products are for your skin and nothing else!

Sustainable Sex Toys

I had heard some rumours about sustainable sex toys but I needed to do some research, during the

search this article caught my eye... ‘Environmentalists are horny right now: how to make your sex

life more eco-friendly'! Here's some just a few innovative companies making sex toys sustainable,

no matter what your preference, and no you don't have to be a horny environmentalist, but it

wouldn't hurt.

Gaia - Biodegradable Vibrator

If you are a fan of a bullet vibrator then this one is for you and it was the first ever biodegradable

vibrator on the market! It's made from bioplastic, which is plastic that is made from renewable

sources, in this case starch, so when you're done it can be recycled if you take it down to your

local centre. It's multi-speed with a whole range of functions, body safe (obvs) and waterproof! Plus

it's a steal at £15 - happy days for you, your pocket and the planet.

Glass Sex Toys

Alright so I'll admit I was a bit dubious about this one, but many have raved about how great glass sex toys can be, not only for you but for the planet too - glass is easy to process and recycle. They are super smooth and you can easily play with heat, run them under the tap to cool down or heat up! A lot of these toys are expensive, but one the best places to go on a budget is Etsy, with a host of independent sellers - want to find out more? Check out Vegan Toys Glass Dildos.

Recycling Schemes

Although this market is growing most vibrators and sex toys are made out of plastic, and the

progress in changing this is fairly sluggish. Companies like Lovehoney, the UK's largest sex toy and

lingerie retailer, has started a recycling scheme where you can send back old sex toys, whether you

bought them from Lovehoney or not! All there packaging is 100% recyclable and made of up to

70% recycled materials - it might not be perfect, but at least it's a start!

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Sustainable Lingerie

Who says you can't look sexy sustainably? The lingerie market is constantly growing, and luckily that means the sustainable section is too! Whether you want full blown sex appeal or comfy lounging round the house vibes, there is something out there for everyone. A lot of these sustainable brands can be mega expensive, but here's 4 of my favourites which won't break the bank...

We Are We Wear

We Are We Wear was originally started to create inclusive and sexy lingerie that included everybody, with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. Natalie and Chelsea, who once worked for one of Britains largest fashion retailers, wanted to change the way we look at fashion, advocating body positivity at every step. Now they have moved to create eco-friendly lingerie too, using fabrics made out of waste material like fishing nets, and by 2030 they aim to be 100% sustainable. As well as underwear, they provide beautiful swimwear too!

Alexander Clementine

Fancy something comfy? This is the brand for you! All their designs are made from a blend of Seaweed and wood pulp, a sustainable way of creating silky soft underwear and scrunchies. Apparently the positive qualities seaweed possesses, including vitamins A, C and E, are retained within the clothes and can activate cell regeneration, providing health benefits such as reduced inflammation and relief from skin diseases. On top of this, for every order placed they plant a tree!

They provide a range of comfy bralettes and pants in a variety of styles, which I am looking forward to replacing my raggy Calvin Kleins with (we all have them, let's be honest).


Frida is another great brand to go to if you are looking for some comfy underwear, all their products are made out of 95% ethically sourced bamboo. They sell a range of made to order clothes to focused on reducing waste and combating fast fashion. You can learn more about the brand here, "Frida: Ethical, Handmade and Sustainable".


This is just a drop in ocean on how you can make your sex life more sustainable, there are so many swaps and amazing brands out there just waiting for you to find them, but I hope this post provided a good head start. It's time to get sex positive, the more we talk about it the more change we will see, whether it's a plethora of biodegradable sex toys or safer, more informed sex!

As always, thanks for reading!

Antonia :)

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