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Let's talk about sweat, firstly by adding it to the list of things we are unnecessarily ashamed of. Whether it's happening because you went for a run or you're stressed af it will happen because, shockingly, it's a naturally occurring process. The obsession with deodorant and antiperspirant comes hand in hand with plastic packaging and nasty chemicals but millennials are turning the tide and driving demand for new, sweat friendly products - one of which is Nuud. So, what's the fuss all about?

Why I'm making the switch to sweaty

I've always been a super sweaty person, I could go for a walk in the snow butt naked and still sweat (don't worry, I wont be testing it out). As a kid, I didn't get bothered by these things until I got told in school I had sweat patches and vowed never to take my blazer off for the rest of my days. After genuinely considering getting botox in my armpits (yes, it's a thing) I eventually found a simpler solution to my problem, max strength antiperspirant.

For many years, I was happy in my sweat free, socially acceptable bliss but all good things must come to end - especially when they weren't that good in the first place! You may have heard the rumours that using antiperspirants can lead to Breast Cancer, Kidney Disease and much more but a lot of the research around this is weak. However, sweating is our bodies way of cooling down and releasing toxins, so preventing these natural processes is never healthy.

If that isn't reason enough to give up deodorant and antiperspirant then the environmental benefits might help sway you. My max strength antiperspirant was made up of an incredibly plastic heavy single use applicator and tested on animals in the production process. Thankfully, Nuud is encased in a sugar cane tube, it's cruelty free, 100% vegan and made completely from natural ingredients so I can keep my body and the planet happy. Most importantly, Nuud empowers people to embrace their sweat because if anyone calls you out for having sweaty armpits well, screw them!

The Review


I got in touch with Nuud and expressed interest in writing an honest review of their product - the team were super friendly and responsive and send me 2 tubes in the post. I was very happy to receive my Nuud in 100% plastic free packaging only a day after I was told it was on the way!

The tube itself is made of bioplastic sugar cane which is essentially plastic made from plants. This is supposedly better for the planet because as it degrades it only returns the carbon that the plants absorbed while growing, as opposed to carbon that was trapped in oil.

There are some issues surrounding this though, using plant based plastic increases pressure for farm land on top of demand for food, which can increase prices and speed up deforestation. On top of this, although they are advertised as 'compostable' this requires incredibly specific conditions, only found in special recycling plants and certainly won't be achieved in your compost bin at home. I don't want go all sciencey on you, so if you want to read more about these issues you can find info at


Detoxing was something I really wasn't looking forward to but unfortunately comes along with any natural deodorant. When you make the switch, your armpits rejoice at being set free and overcompensate a little by making you extra sweaty but it doesn't end there. The Aluminium in your deodorant and antiperspirants locks away the bacteria that makes us smell (yep, sweat isn't what smells) and when you take it away, it all comes charging out! Basically, you stink for a few days. When I made the switch to Nuud I chose a few days where I didn't have much on and pre-warned my flatmates. They said I didn't smell bad but they don't know about the empty bottle of perfume in my room and are probably too nice to admit it.

Detoxing is part of the switch, but once it's done it's done! Just pick a few days where you aren't going to be doing much or seeing people who will secretly judge you for being smelly for a few days of the year (or remove them from your life which ever is easiest).


Another thing to go over is price and as with many eco-friendly alternatives, it isn't cheap. To buy one tube of Nuud costs £12.95 or £24.95 for a pack of two, including shipping. The expense depends on how much you need to use it:

- Sometimes: 2 times a week, 2 pack every 5 months, £4.99 a month - Average: 3 or 4 times a week, 2 pack every 4 months, £6,24 a month - Often: 5 to 6 times a week, 2 pack every 3 months, £8,32 a month

Now, I thought my max strength deodorant was expensive at £5 a pop and this lasted me around 2 months! That comes to £2.50 a month at most and I often got it on offer, meaning that Nuud is twice the price of my original choice on a really good day...

So what is it like to use?

Nuud works by neutralising the bacteria that makes sweat smell and claims to last for 3-7 days depending on how much you sweat. Since I'm a self proclaimed sweater, I've been applying it every 3 days and it is amazingly unaffected by showering! I'm still getting used to actually sweating after so long but I'm happy to report I really don't smell. Since it's super concentrated you only need a tiny pea sized amount with each application. If you want to learn more, they have a quick little 'new to nuud' video:

The Verdict

I was pretty impressed with Nuud. It's super effective and has created an easy way to switch to natural deodorant without having to deal with rub on bars and refills. Considering it's something I have always been really embarrassed about, I also love how much they love and empower sweating! However, I do think it has a few issues, the first being that although the tube isn't your average around for lifetimes plastic, it comes with its own problems e.g. disruption to agri-food systems and special disposal methods. These need to more clearly expressed so that consumers are aware that this isn't some miraculous solution to the plastic pollution problem. Secondly, I think it is too expensive; products can't be sustainable if they aren't accessible to everyone!

A solution that could help with both these issues would be setting up a recycling scheme where Nuud were able to effectively deal with the empty tubes and make sure they are disposed off properly. In return for consumers sending them back, they could offer a discount on your next order. Win win!

Overall, Nuud is an effective product and as a company they are doing more than your basic deodorant or antiperspirant is for the planet, so if you fancy giving it a try it's 100% the better choice. However, once I'm finished with my tubes I will be trying out some more alternatives in the natural market. I would love to see Nuud proving "fresh armpits worldwide" and to be honest I want my armpits to be among them, but it's not quite planet friendly enough for me yet and I'm afraid they won't be able to reach 'worldwide' with their current prices!

Link to the Nuud website, along with some other natural deodorants below:

As always, thanks for reading!

Antonia :)

P.S. stay sweaty

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