We all know the feeling, you wake up in the morning and stare blankly into the abyss that is your closest... a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! The simple option, and the one we normally turn to, is going out and buying a load of new clothes. Alas, this is only a temporary solution, once the shopping induced dopamine wares off and you've worn them more than once, you are back to square one. Whering, a new app, claims they've found a way to pull you out of that abyss and turn your current wardrobe into the one of your dreams. This post goes over how and most importantly, if it works...


"There have been many iterations of the iPhone, and yet our wardrobes are still stuck in the 1930s- our mission is to make way for a new generation of closets. We wanted to harness the power of tech to help all the gals out there and bring back a culture of caring for our clothes. We offer an alternative to one-off purchases (or throw-away fast fashion) whilst still getting that newness fix (i.e. shop your own wardrobe), without creating unnecessary waste. Life’s hard, but getting dressed really shouldn’t be.” - Whering

Whering App

So, the app claims to cure 'nothing-to-wear-syndrome' by digitalising your wardrobe... yeah, you read it right! You upload every item of clothing in your wardrobe and use the app to keep organised, plan ahead and most importantly to prevent you from forgetting out all the amazing pieces you already own. By saving your favourite outfits and inspiring new ones, you are completely in control of your clothes. On top of that, Whering keeps you updated on how much of your wardrobe you actually utilise, so you know what you really love to wear as well as what might need a new home.

Whering's goal is to rebuild the love we once felt to each item of clothing we own, helping us to look and feel good, while promoting sustainability and reducing our reliance on fast fashion. You can use the app to start logging what you are wearing during the week, planning ahead and mess around creating new outfits on the app. You can even virtually pack and plan for trips away by generating packing lists to avoid over/under packing, which hopefully we will be able to do more of soon!

What is it like to use and does it work?

So I'd downloaded the app, which looked pretty empty and sad without any clothes in, so the first step was uploading them! Here is where I made my two mistakes. Mistake one: Whering removes the background of the picture so you are just left with the item to play around with, but I hung all my clothes up to take the pictures. The hangers however, didn't get blurred out and it looked kind of ridiculous. Which leads me to mistake two: I didn't realise this because I waited till the end to upload them all and had to do it ALL AGAIN!!! We live and we learn. Soooo from experience, my top tips are laying your clothes down on the floor to take pictures and uploading them a few at time to make sure they goes up okay!

Now you've got it all on there (or at least some of it) you can start creating outfits. You can browse through your wardrobe in the 'dress me' section, create an outfit and then add in extras! Once you've made it, you can access them in on your account in the outfit section. On the home page you can add what you have worn throughout the week, which helps the app calculate how much of your closet you actually utilise. For me, this is pretty dormant at the moment because I just lounge around the house wearing basically the same thing everyday... but it'll be fun to see how it works when we finally get back to normal!

I spent a lot of time messing around in the app, swiping through all my clothes and making outfits from the comfort of my bed, so what's the verdict?

The Review

It surprises me that nothing like Whering has been made before, it's actually a really smart idea not only for making sure we don't forget any of our wardrobe treasures but also for just being organised! Ever left it till the last minute to decide what to wear for an organisation/event and then spent ages stressing? I went on a date once and fell so deep in the 'I have nothing to wear' abyss. I called my mum and sister in for help and we still got nowhere. I ended up lying on the floor, clothes scattered all over, seriously considering cancelling (ridiculous I know). I fixed it by eating beans on toast, kicking my mum and sister out and wearing the first thing I tried on. If I had Whering, I could have messed around with a few ideas on the app and saved myself some serious stress. I'm not sure I'll ever be on the ball enough to upload what I'm wearing everyday, but I think I'll really enjoy using it to plan ahead for events like that. It's also so atheistically pleasing and works so well, especially considering how new it is!

It's so important now to make the most of what we have and a give a second home to what we don't need. Whering helps to promote this and stop the buy, wear, repeat cycle that we have got so used to! Whering has only just really begun its life and I'm excited to watch it grow over the next few years. Intrigued? Download the app through the Appstore or find out more info through these links: Website and Instagram!

As always, thanks for reading!

Antonia :)

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